I love needlework and fabrics. I am very fortunate that I have now been able to translate

my passion and hobby into a small business.

I moved to the UK in 2010 after living in India for three years. I am originally from

Japan, a country which longs for sakura, or cherry blossoms, and cherishes the

bloom every spring.

Having experienced a few life-changing events, I decided to quit my corporate career

and felt that “now” was the time to start planning realistically to turn my passion into my full-time job. Don't take little everyday things for granted. Appreciate and weave a little happiness into my life. This is how my shop - Stitching Small Delights - was named.

My enthusiasm for needlework, however, is not the biggest reason to motivate me for running this business. Needlework is merely a means, and my end goal is to make my customers happy. Their experiencing these feelings is definitely what I would like to achieve.

I am a self-taught stitcher, but acquired the skills and knowledge about professional curtain making and soft furnishings by way of formal education, having got a diploma from the National Design Academy in the UK in 2016.

My ultimate aim is to utilise my skills and knowledge to contribute effectively towards the upliftment of the community I live in.